Muscle Legends Wiki

Rocks give you more durability if you equip the punch tool and then punch them by clicking or tapping.

There are multiple rocks, each type only having one, with the durability requirements and location shown below.

Name Requirements (Durability) Location
Tiny Rock 0 Tiny Island
Punching Rock 10 Beside the Tiny Island portal on the main island
Large Rock 100 Outside of Legend Beach on Main Island
Golden Rock 5,000 Legend Beach
Frozen Rock 150,000 Frost Gym (1 Rebirth)
Mythical Rock 400,000 Mythical Gym (5 Rebirths)
Eternal Rock 750,000 Eternal Gym (15 Rebirths)
Legends Rock 1,000,000 Legends Gym (30 Rebirths)
Muscle King Mountain 5,000,000 Muscle King Gym (5 Rebirths)


  • They train durability faster than any other machine in the game.