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Rebirths are an option where you can consume your strength, durability, and 50% of your agility. It requires 10,000 strength for the first time. After your first rebirth, your next requirement is 15,000 strength. This means that the required strength to rebirth will increase by 5,000 strength. Pets, Karma, and Auras are not reset upon rebirthing, unlike ranks and moves. Each time you rebirth you will gain a 5% multiplier to all three stats in the game, which will stack.

Every time you rebirth, you get a massive amount of gems. For the n-th rebirth, the gems earned is 5,000n. That means rebirthing for the first time gives 5,000 gems, and rebirthing for the 20th time gives 100,000 gems. This is a fast way to earn gems, which is quite helpful if you want your pets to be stronger or buy more.

The rebirth menu, accessed from second top orange-colored button on the left.

You can unlock more gyms and hence, more training equipment and crystals once you rebirth. The rebirth requirements for different gyms are as shown.

Gym Rebirth Requirement Cumulative Cost in Strength*
Frost Gym 1 10,000
Mythical Gym 5 100,000
Eternal Gym 15 675,000
Legends Gym 30 2,475,000

*Assuming you rebirth as soon as the option becomes available.

rebirth amount:

(1st: 10k) (2nd:15k) (third:20k) (forth 25k) (fifth Mythical gym 30k) (6th: 35k) (7th: 40k) (8th: 45k) (9th: 50k) (10th: 55k) (11th:60k) (12th: 65k) (13th: 70k) (14th 75k) (15th ETERNAL GYMM YAYYY, 80k) and so on each time it adds 5k and if u have 100 rebirths you can get so many gems like 13 million gems +++ also the best pet in the game is in the pack it cost 2499 Robux but if u don't have Robux u can get Darkstar it costs 1.5 million gems and its so hard to get Darkstar hunter pet but its op pet without Robux. The fastest way to get rebirth and to get more strength is glitch pets you need 30 rebirths to glitch pet in legend rock or in muscle king mountain that's about the information if u have new info comment down below

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