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These Ranks will be given to you, depending on the amount of Strength you have, not your Durability or Agility. There are a total of 16 ranks in the game. If you rebirth, the ranks will be reset. Your strength and agility will be gone, and your agility is consumed by 50%.


These are the "Rookie" Ranks. Even if you are Muscle Legend, you are still considered a rookie (unless you just rebirthed). So the next time you see a Master Lifter or Muscle Legend flexing their size (they always do), don't think they are pro. If you are one of the Elite Ranks listed below, don't hesitate to change to minimum size and straight up kill them.

Ranks, 0-99,999 Strength
Rank Label Color Label Aura Strength
Rookie/Trainee Dull Grey None 0
Lifter Dark Green None 100
Huge Brown None 500
Tank Dark Blue None 1,500
Beast Dark Red None 3,000
Gigantic Lime None 5,000
Monster Orange None 8,000
Colossal Purple None 12,000
Master Lifter Light Blue None 18,000
Muscle Legend Yellow None 25,000

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Elite Ranks

The elite ranks are where the real muscle legends are in (unless they just rebirthed)

Elite Ranks, 100,000-1 Billion Strength
Rank Label Color Label Aura Strength
House Lifter Black Dark Green 100,000 (not 500,000)
Island Lifter Black Dark Orange 10,000,000
Planet Lifter Black Dark Blue 50,000,000
Galaxy Lifter Black Dark Purple 100,000,000
Universe Lifter Black Dark Red 250,000,000
Multiverse Elite Black Dark Yellow 1,000,000,000

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