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The Mythical Gym is a portal to the gym that costs 5 rebirths.

The inside of the Mythical Gym has multiple things like the other gyms, but better. Inside, there is a daily chest that can reward players who have access to the gym 1K gyms every 6 hours, like most other chests. it also has Mythical Pullups that require 4K or 8K strength to use, but they give strength and agility. There are 2 treadmills that require 2K and 3K agility, a Bench Press set that requires 15K Strength a Mystic Rock that requires 400K Durability, 3 Mythical Boulders, and a Mythical Crystal for 8K Gems, which can give:

Red Dragon (Rare, 25%)

Rare Aura (20%)

Purple Falcon (20%)

Epic Aura (15%)

Mythical Gym Entry

Blue Firecaster (10%)

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RobloxScreenShot20191014 172850615.png

Golden Phoenix (10%)