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This is a glitched pet, as 500 stats can’t be reached on an evolved yellow butterfly.

Bug pets are pets that give op stats. Scriptbloxian has not patched this yet. The glitch will disappear if you quit the game.

The Glitched Pets first met in early 2020 when a YouTuber was doing an experiment and was discovered by accident while beating up rock legends from the Legends Gym while his pet was 0% advanced and until he realized that the statistics were going up. controversial and several users managed to make him the strongest player at the time, he was 200k strong, reached Trillions of strength or whatever you wanted, that is why muscle legends gained popularity and this flaw has not been fixed yet. And hidden since the creation of the game!

How To Get Them

They can be obtained with the following requirements:

  • You need a pet (one of the most commonly used pets for glitching are Golden Phoenixes)
  • You need at least access to a rock (the best rocks to glitch at are the Muscle King rock and Legends rock, which require 5 rebirths and the latter requiring 30)
  • To glitch a pet, head to a rock and keep punching until its close to leveling up (pets at level 20 CAN NOT BE GLITCHED, however pets that are level 1 to 19 CAN) if you are under thirty rebirths, pay attention to the EXP the rock gives, then use a treadmill then keep punching, players with thirty rebirths or 5 million durability can simply punch the Muscle King rock.

You cannot glitch pets after 30 rebirths.

A screenshot of a glitched pet

Footage of an example of a glitched pet


Do NOT ever underestimate someone with level 1 pets, you never know if they are glitched.

If a damaged pet is excessively glitched, it can allow you to do tremendous amounts of damage.

Believe it or not, 30 rebirths isn't required to glitch pets, use this to your advantage.