Muscle Legends Wiki

The Frost Gym costs 1 rebirth.

Inside the gym, everything is frosted-like. There is a huge chest on the right. It has a Frost Crystal. Below is what's inside it.

Frost Crystal - 5K Gems


- Yellow Butterfly - 25% chance

- Advanced Aura -20% chance

- Purple Dragon - 20% chance

- Rare Aura - 15% chance

- Orange Pegasus - 15% chance

- Blue Phoenix - 5% chance


  • The Rock. This rock requires 150K durability to use. This is only a way of gaining durability, not strength or agility.
  • Treadmills. These Treadmills are as big and bigger than the ones on Legend Beach .
  • Bench Presses. These require 1K, 3K, 7.5K, and 15K strength.