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Darkstar hunter is a pet that was created in the update "muscle king" with galaxy oracle crystal on July 5, 2021, it is currently one of the rarest and best pet after cybernetic showdown dragon without Robux, it is inspired by a pack of ninja legends.

Now is the 7th best pet (correct me if something is wrong)


Darkstar hunter evolved .png

Darkstar hunter looks like a dragon and rabbit, it has 3 heads and its fur is white, it has a black aura.

Max rank: 20

Evolve: 5 of this

Stats: lvl 1: 80 strength, 55 agility, 60 durability

Max Stats: 270 strength, 195 agility, 445 durability

Stats evolved: lvl 1 : 875 strength, 500 agility, 1.75 K durability.

Max Stats evo: 970 strength, 595 agility, 1,84 K durability

Darkstar hunter evolved .png
Note: You need 30 rebirths to use Darkstar Hunter, its very sad but it's the reality, to get it, you have to translate to muscle king portal, after that you need 1.5 M gems or more, it's rare that it comes out so good luck.

Fun fact: is more powerful than muscle king aura

(i wrote badly because is on translate and everything you read is from the translator, do not judge me)

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